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In accepting the unacceptable, I mentioned the spiritual foundation of acceptance. Faith, trust… And Divine knows… Your Divine I’d….(Inner Eyes)…Intellect and Intuition always Knows! It doesn’t smell right, trust your Nose, say No with your Divine Knowing. The acronym I came up with for ACCEPT is  Awareness, Conscious Conviction, and Principal, Truth. So what happens when we stay stuck in that which is, which has become unacceptable? 

I have to realize that what is unacceptable is the fact that my thinking was upside down. I was living in a situation based on fear being pulled and pushed by fear.

Surrounding myself with fear, thinking that a situation was more powerful, like a monster in my life and over my life. This reminds me of when I was a child, at night every time there was a rainstorm a monster would appear! There was a monster trying to get in through the window and I remember for so many years I was afraid. I remember this from being in the crib and then when I grew older in a bed I could see these outstretch arms and fingers trying to get in banging against the window and then finally one night, I was a little bit older and I decided that I’m gonna have to approach this thing. This is being unacceptable how fearful I am and I can’t get a good nights sleep, and I’m having nightmares from this monster try to break into our apartment. So I got up with my trusted companion. It was a wooden horse head on a stick and it was my trusty steed. So I got to the window and I was able to climb up on a chair and look out and it became apparent to me that it was. It was only a big tree outside the window and in the darkness with the wind and the rain the tree branches would move and hit the window! It became so obvious and evident that it was only tree branches, not a monster at all. However, my thinking, my BS,  my belief system led me to believe there was a monster out there for years, trying to get in. Trying to get me!

I accepted the fact that I could no longer stay afraid, it was unacceptable! I could say a Divine No! A Divine Knowing where I could follow my Nose and be lead by positive faith to the Divine Yes!

Once I accepted the fact that this thinking was unacceptable! How long do we put up with fear and doubt and worry and convince ourselves that fear is more powerful in our life than the equally invisible truly powerful faith. Am I using my faith to accept the unacceptable? Or am I using my faith to stay rooted in unacceptable? Am I using spiritual principles and practices to overcome the unacceptable and accept it, and make necessary changes to my thinking? What about you?

Written by: Rev. Rodney Gittens

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