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We will write your ceremony specific to your own needs, desires, and spiritual beliefs.

All ceremonies are tailor-made, one-of-a-kind, and mindful of your needs and wants. 


The joining of two people to share their life together is a very special event. With your help, we can officiate the service you would like or can help you plan your ceremony.


Do you want to be legally married or joined together in a love dedication ceremony. From Pagan, to Biker … from Sparkly and Shimmering to flowing or fairy-like … where does your imagination take you? All are welcome!

Renewal of Vows/

If you wish to re-affirm your love to each other, elaborately or uniquely, the ceremony is all about you!


Create a celebration of all you have survived and grown through while sharing the very special love you have for one another.

Birth/Adoption Ceremony

Welcoming and Blessing a New Life is a wonderful event! Filled with beauty and love! Sometimes this is used after the child is born in place of the baby shower and is a combination of shower plus a welcoming of the child into the world and into your family.


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to plan your ceremony!  

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