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Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are available for private Spiritual Counseling and  Treatments


When we pray, we pray affirmatively. An affirmative prayer is also known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment. It’s similar to a scientific method of prayer. Spiritual Mind Treatments raise our awareness so that we see, feel and know our oneness with the Divine. It is a powerful tool that shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the good that is already present in our lives.

To request a confidential prayer, complete the form below, email us at, or complete the request form located in the Sunday Celebration program. 

You may also meet Spiritual Practitioners after Sunday Celebrations to request an in-person prayer. 


Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are available to offer one-to-one fee-based Spiritual Counseling. These private sessions are meant to help you work through and release challenges you're experiencing, to know your oneness with the Divine and create from that Truth.


To request a session, complete the form below or contact a practitioner directly

You will never be turned away for a lack of funds. Come as you are!


Contact us via the form below or at to request a counseling session, spiritual mind treatment, or other service. 

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