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Meet Our Team

Rev. Rodney Gittens

Founder & Senior Minister

(917) 755-1418

Personal Vision: Rev. Rod sees the world as a God-centered environment. He believes in saying "Yes!" to new opportunities, to sharing messages of love, hope and oneness, that life is good, that we are abundantly supported, and that each one of us has the power to achieve our desires.

Personal Mission: His personal mission is to have a consciousness for a group that is calling for assistance in finding themselves to be the answer in their lives. Who he is and what makes him a successful minister is that he recognizes that he is needed to ad-minister, with his brand of love, education, leadership management, compassion, sincerity, integrity, playfulness, service, and healing.


He knows this is vital and in alignment with his purpose on the planet. He is grateful to be fully available to serve others in many ways, to assist in spiritually empowering lives, and strengthening communities.


Background: Rev. Rod is Brooklyn born and bred. He earned a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and a Ministerial license with Centers for Spiritual Living. 


As a member of his first Religious Science church, Creative Light Church, he took on many activities including volunteering to bring and display flowers weekly, recording the services, providing hospitality, and greeting attendees. He took classes, workshops, performed all pulpit duties, read announcements, was part of the choir, performed invocations and benedictions, formed a men’s group, was a board and welcome committee member, and led meditations and mid-week services. He also served as Musical Director and as the Ecclesiastical Director. He was the contact person, designed and maintained the church’s website, and sent weekly & monthly emails. He prepared readings for Sundays and the order of service, invited speakers and musicians, was the occasional Sunday speaker, and led Spiritual Mind Treatments after service. He also participated in marriage ceremonies and led two memorials. He served as a trusted servant in and with his spiritual community, family, and friends from 1997 to 2010. 

As practitioner and now minister, Rev. Rod teaches the core classes of Centers for Spiritual Living, including Foundations of Science Of Mind, Beyond Limits, The Power of Your Word, Self Mastery, The Visioning Process, and Prosperity and Forgiveness workshops. He also facilitates marriages, baby and house blessings, and other ceremonies.

Rev. Rod has also served as the featured weekly speaker in the Sunday Celebration services at the New Thought Spiritual Center of Eastern Long Island in South Hampton, NY, at Unity Temple of Christ Church in Laurelton, NY, and has been called to speak at the Center of Peace in the Philadelphia area. For the United Centers For Spiritual Living, he was a part of the Nominating Team/Core from 2005 and to 2009, and has been the Regional Diversity Trainer since 2013. 

Rev. Rod accepts the call daily with commitment and joy. He is here to serve and he gets to represent this teaching and organization in ways that can attract and grow this idea of a world that works for everyone, each and every one at a time. The greatest joy he has now is watching his students get it (!), the aha’s and the sense of peace that washes over them over the course of a workshop means he is being who he is here to be. He is grateful in this life and brings commitment, humor, determination, love, compassion, experience and a warm and welcoming smile and hug to all he greets and meets in this journey.

Rev. Hajara Rahim, MA. Education 

Assistant Minister

Personal Vision: Rev. Hajara's personal vision is to to be instrumental in raising individual/group consciousness to the level of harmony and love by assisting in the creation of a world that works for everyone through the teaching and practice of Universal-Spiritual Laws and Principles.

Personal Mission: Her personal mission is to assist people on a personal/individual/group basis in developing their own spiritual consciousness through spiritual counseling, teaching universal - spiritual laws/principles, and showing them how to use these spiritual laws and principles to improve their daily lives.

Background: Rev. Hajara began her spiritual journey as a child when she questioned the validity of a God of Love in contrast to a God of vengeance and retaliation as taught in the Bible. Her questioning led her into exploring different religions that her parents, other family members, and friends questioned and did not approve of. As part of Rev. Hajara's journey, she married into and practiced Islam for over 20 years. When she became disillusioned with her Muslim community, she began again to look for a spiritual community that she felt was closer to practicing the actual beliefs and principles that it espoused. This search brought her to the Centers for Spiritual Living, which teaches spiritual laws, universal principles, and alignment practices by which you can live the life of your dreams.

(206) 271-3817

Ellen Suazo, RScP

Spiritual Practitioner

(917) 349-7723

Ellen Suazo is currently serving on the Diversity & Inclusion Commission Board of Directors for the Centers for Spiritual Living. She is an experienced Diversity Commission facilitator in high demand across the nation.

Ellen is a Spiritual Practitioner at One Love Center for Spiritual Living and has attended the "University of Hard Knocks." She is a dedicated community advocate and formal Counselor for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults.

Ellen is also the Founder and Executive Director of Mindshifting International. She is a holistic coach, author, and professional speaker.

She is a mother of three young adults, and spends quality time with her beautiful granddaughter. Ellen’s soul-purpose is in being of service as a spiritual advocate dedicated to assisting others in re-aligning with their spiritual truth.

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